ThriftTrac is business software for the thrift industry.

  • Track every customer transaction effortlessly
  • Track every donation efficiently
  • Track every process easily

Collect Data, not paper

ThriftTrac is business software for the thrift industry, turning data into actionable intelligence and driving greater profitability for your thrift operation.

ThriftTrac comprises three modules that can work independently but are powerful together.

Point of Sale

Every retailer loves to hear the cash register ring. For a thrift operator, all the work of receiving a donation, sorting, pricing and displaying individual items culminates in the purchase by a customer. And since each and every item is unique, a typical point-of-sale system that includes inventory management is overkill.

OnTrac makes the customer transaction effortless for your employees and the customer. The iPad-based app includes an intuitive interface to speed training of your team. And the integration with ThriftTrac’s web portal allows for easy customization of categories, tax rate and payment types for each location of your entire organization. And end-of-day reconciliation processes are quick and easy.

Business Metrics

Capturing donor and customer interactions is important, but the process of transforming a donation into dollars is where profitability happens. ThriftTrac records key performance indicators for your processing, retail, transportation and wholesale teams. These metrics are then combined in a dashboard so you can visualize the effectiveness of your organization and then make informed decisions.

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